About Us
Toner Solutions or mytonersolutions.com is proud to be an industry leader in premium quality OEM alternative imaging supplies. As an internationally recognized distributor we provide a large range of exceptional quality OEM alternative supplies. The Toner Solutions product line includes color laser toners, inkjets, ink sticks, MICR, Thermal transfer products and printer maintenance supplies.
Experience the Toner Solutions Advantage
Toner Solutions offers a comprehensive product line and is also proud to be first-to-market with many new product releases. Simply put Toner Solutions provides the best combination of quality products, pricing and support giving our customer the best overall value available.
Quality Products
  • Quality - We control what products are available based on performance ratings. 
  • Reliability - We have less than a 1% falure rate which is well below industry standards.
  • Research - All our manufacturers test and evaluate all products extensively before release.
  • Pricing - We purchase all our products in large volumes, so we have the best cost controls available.
  • Stock - we carry a huge inventory so you can always get what you want when you need it.
  • Environmentally Responsible - we recycle as much as we can to help keep our world clean.
  • Guaranteed - We back everything we sell with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!!